Jessica M. AB

I love your product! I have had much better success teaching Kindergarten students the alphabet this year than in the past! (Note: Jessica is using the French Program!)

Vicki WA

I do have to tell you Itchy’s Alphabet has been my go-to program for years to use with kinders and first graders who cannot learn the letter sounds any other way. Itchy always works for them and on my recommendation a kinder teacher has ordered the program for herself. so a big thanks to Itchy and to you for this teaching tool!

Debbie J

Hello, I love your program by the way. We use to start out with and it is amazing to see results so quickly.

Gillian, AB

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and info on literacy development. Very insightful and great to hear what I’ve been trying to say for a long time about alphabet sounds versus names.

Stephanie B, KS

I also want you to know how helpful your illustrated sight word cards have helped my struggling kiddos. It’s so much more fun learning those words with your cards and the kids can remember and read words. If a student hesitates when reading a sight word I start the action and he shouts it out before I finish.


Sonia P

I am very grateful I was able to meet you and itchy at the teachers convention. at Nashville
I love your preschool program!!!
Is fun, easy and children are loving it!!!

Paige L.

I love using itchy with my grade ones! Itchy is always a classroom favourite!


Debbie R

Your products really help young children make the letter/sound connection. I’ve used your alphabet cards, plush vowels, and alphabet booklet with my younger remediation students. Thank you for all your hard work.


Christine H.

I am so impressed with Itchy’s alphabet, and it is spreading through my community. 1 other teacher at my school and one at a neighboring school have ordered it from you in the past year and a half or so. Thank you for the great visual alphabet– I absolutely love it! And I would love to see the video that you’ve put together, too. Anything using that great alphabet catches my (and my students’) attention right away!


Lori F

the plush vowels are beyond awesome!!!