Paige L.

I love using itchy with my grade ones! Itchy is always a classroom favourite!


Debbie R

Your products really help young children make the letter/sound connection. I’ve used your alphabet cards, plush vowels, and alphabet booklet with my younger remediation students. Thank you for all your hard work.


Christine H.

I am so impressed with Itchy’s alphabet, and it is spreading through my community. 1 other teacher at my school and one at a neighboring school have ordered it from you in the past year and a half or so. Thank you for the great visual alphabet– I absolutely love it! And I would love to see the video that you’ve put together, too. Anything using that great alphabet catches my (and my students’) attention right away!


Lori F

the plush vowels are beyond awesome!!!


Patti R

I love using Itchy!


Lara K

I love your program it’s my first year as a kinder teacher and it’s been an amazing help!!


Rachel J, Utah

Also, thank you so much! I have a boy who’s been struggling with eight of his letters and the six that I targeted this week, with these pictures, he knows now. Amazing!