Itchy will help!

I am SO EXCITED to use these materials with my students! I have some new little friends that this is going to be so good for!
Chris S

We LOVE Itchy!

I just started the program with my KG students and they are LOVING it.
Arika K

Great product!

Well you made my year when I found your product!
Alicia J.

Love Itchy!

We are in love with Itchy’s alphabet!
Amy S

Thank you!

Thank you so much for this product. We have been using it with our students with great results!
Mrs. M, NY

Quality Teaching Materials

I want to tell you that Itchy had changed my teaching. When you presented the materials at teachers convention here in GP a few years ago it just made SO much sense and it just works. . . . I am very thankful (beyond words) that you developed Itchy. It has been a tremendous blessing to use such quality teaching materials that reach my students so effectively.
Sylvia T

Our missing piece!

I watched your webinar last week online through one the facebook groups I follow and I was so excited to share what I learned with my kindergarten team in our morning PLC today! My colleagues were so excited. It seems like our missing piece! I am looking forward to watching our kindergarteners grow!
Amy S.

Good Workshop

Thanks Brenda!
I really enjoyed your workshop today!

Highly recommended

I love this program so far, and it came very highly recommend to me.
Andrea K

Andrea K, NT

My Kinder Kids love this program (me too), and it has been very helpful with not only teaching letter formation and sounds, but overall student engagement towards printing. Thank you 🙂