Barbara L. Vancouver, BC

One of the mothers has just bought some of your materials this week, for her little (special needs) girl, and was talking about how great it is.

Teacher Tammy, WA

I bought a set of Itchy materials from you at an IRA some years back. I loved it and used it and finally gave it away to somebody who needed it badly (another teacher).

Vivien A

I was not happy with the phonics alphabet I was using as the children did not relate it to the shape of the letter, so I searched the Internet for a visual alphabet and your site came up. I teach new entrants (5 year olds) and since starting using your alphabet a few years ago have noticed that the children learn their letter sounds much more easily. it makes much more sense to them! So thanks from Auckland New Zealand children!


Mrs. D.

My students love your products!

Megan – AB

Thank you again for a very informative and exciting session. I feel I have gained so much more knowledge and will be able to reach more children. This is especially important as my school has a transient and low SES population.

Nancy B

Love using Itchy’s Alphabet for my K’s!


Anne S

I am using the Itchy Program in my Kindergarten and love it.

Jessica M. AB

I love your product! I have had much better success teaching Kindergarten students the alphabet this year than in the past! (Note: Jessica is using the French Program!)

Vicki WA

I do have to tell you Itchy’s Alphabet has been my go-to program for years to use with kinders and first graders who cannot learn the letter sounds any other way. Itchy always works for them and on my recommendation a kinder teacher has ordered the program for herself. so a big thanks to Itchy and to you for this teaching tool!

Debbie J

Hello, I love your program by the way. We use to start out with and it is amazing to see results so quickly.