Looking for ideas for professional development or conference workshops?

NMS Creations offers the following workshop topics:

1. Letters and Sounds – Establishing the Foundation for Reading — (approx. 2 hours)

In this session, participants will be given:

  • a brief overview of research and literature on the importance of teaching the alphabetic principle
  • a rationale for focussing on letter sounds and lower case letters
  • a review of phonemic awareness skills
  • suggestions for developing accuracy and automaticity
  • assessment materials
  • suggestions for follow-up activities once letters and sounds are taught

2. Reducing and Reversing Letter Reversals(approx. 1.25 hours)

Letter reversals are a concern in every classroom. In this session, participants will learn:

  • two key strategies to help prevent reversals from happening
  • techniques to correct many of the common reversal problems
  • specific strategies to correct the b — d confusion

Please note: Sessions 1 and 2 can be combined into a full-morning, 3 hour session.

3. An Overview of Itchy’s Alphabet program — (approx. 2.5 hours)

This session is designed to provide those teachers using Itchy’s Alphabet or planning to implement the program with a demonstration of the program and its various components, including:

  • an introduction to and background information on Itchy’s Alphabet
  • a demonstration lesson from the Teaching Guide
  • ways to use the various support materials
  • hands-on activities with alphabet books and favorite children’s story books
  • development of phonological awareness activities

We can create workshop packages

To support School Districts, School Staff implementation, and workshop needs of other Organizations that support students with (early) literacy support. Contact Shelina at NMS Creations Ltd. for more information and individualized pricing packages to suit the needs of your Organization.

Here is what attendees are saying about Itchy’s Alphabet workshops:

  • “Awesome session!!”
  • “Super”
  • “Excellent presentation! Lots of great ideas and loved the program she uses!”
  • “Got a lot out of this workshop!”
  • “Very helpful. I appreciated the systematic approach with emphasis on the visual!”
  • “Thanks for the great tips!”
  • “I loved her ideas on teaching letters and sounds.”