Dr. M. Habiger, Snellville, GA

I’ve been tutoring a second grader with a significant reading and writing disability. Her teachers used all of the traditional strategies to eliminate the (b/d) reversal as did I, but nothing was successful. That is, until I used your “b/d Reversal Strategy”. This is really magic! For the first time, this child has a strategy that she can understand and use on her own! The “key word pictures” that look like the shape of the letter are a stroke of genius and the fluency drills with criteria for mastery for both writing and reading are nothing short of phenomenal! Again, thank you so much for all of your materials and for everything you do for children with disabilities and the teachers who serve them.

Laurie J Tukwila WA

We have been using your system for a couple of weeks now. The students I work with have a very difficult time remembering letters and sounds. I have tried many, many, many strategies over the years and I am very excited about Itchy’s Alphabet. So far, the two students I am concentrating on have done ok. . . . Thank you for a great product.

Caroline O. Kentbridge, ON

Thank you, these are great!

Sandra J. Kelowna, BC

Itchy’s Alphabet cards are well-liked by my students. They provide colorful, visual cues for children who need help in retrieving letter names/sounds. Thanks, Brenda!

Sharri T. North Vancouver, BC

I work with children requiring learning assistance, and the picture cues are great.

Maria M. Nanoose Bay, BC

A colleague is using Itchy and is having great success.

Wendy S. Coquitlam BC

Thanks for your great alphabet and related products. I teach Kindergarten . . . and I think my kids are getting a better start on sound/symbol relationships, and letter formations. . . . the kids love “Itchy”.

Heather B. Gibsons, BC

The Kindergarten and Gr. 2 kids are really enjoying and learning from your program!

Shirley Z. Vancouver BC

I love your products and teaching approach.

Teri P. Oceanside CA

I have purchased “Itchy’s flip book” a few years back and have enjoyed your brilliant creativity. It has helped the children recognize, recall and retain the letters of the alphabet. I have transferred to another school and I must say the flip chart is missed and I would like to obtain another copy.