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Itchy’s Alphabet Teaching Guide


Our teaching guide  ties the entire Itchy’s Alphabet product line together.  It provides a favorite children’s story, with follow-up activities, to introduce each picture cue (eg. “Ming Lo Moves the Mountain” for ‘m’),  directions for introducing sound and letter formations, a systematic order of presentation and phonological awareness activities.  Download.

*To all of our valued customers accessing downloads:  Please note that there is a 2 download limit within 7 days from purchase date to access the purchased downloads. Please save all downloads on your device or usb for future use as we will be unable to send new links at a later time due to the sheer volume of orders we receive.


Our Teaching Guide ties the program together with a story about each picture cue, follow up activities for each story, instructions for introducing the letters and sounds, how to use related support materials, art activities, words to read and spell and more! Teachers like the easy-to-use format of this guide to teach letters and sounds. Our order of presentation, Logical Letter Formations, strongly supports children in learning both the letter sounds and the letter formations.  Download.

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