Why letter sound learning?

Hello and welcome to Itchy’s Blog!  Itchy’s Alphabet has been a wonderful tool in helping children become successful readers!  Itchy’s Alphabet takes the time to focus on phonics, letter sound learning, to begin the scaffolding for future readers.

Learning to read isn’t just about being able to recognize a letter or being able to tell you a letters name.  While learning to read, one must be able to connect the letter with its sound. Itchy uses the combination of letter formation and letter sounds to help children remember the specific sounds that letters make.

How often are you reading with your child or student and find that they see a letter in the middle of the word and become completely stuck?  By forgetting the sound of simply one letter, the child cannot complete reading the word.  By not completing the reading, they may skip over the word or simply repeat you after you offer the answer.  Neither of these options will help the child clearly remember the letter sound.  This is where Itchy can help!  By providing images to provide the formation of the letter and that represent the sound of that letter, a child can now easily recognize and remember the letter sounds.

Itchy’s Alphabet has developed a program using these concepts in order to assist children with their letter sound learning.  For more information regarding Itchy’s Alphabet visit: https://www.itchysalphabet.com.