Why is Phonics Crucial to Learning How to Read?

The answer?  Simple.  Because every little building block to reading is crucial to become a competent and proficient reader.

There are plenty of phonics programs that a parent can choose from and use with their child.  But why are parents searching for phonics?  Why is it important for a child to be able to know these things?

There are many important reading techniques one must achieve in order to become an efficient reader.  For example, one must be able to comprehend what they are reading.  Many times while helping a child read, a parent may be perfectly satisfied with the fact that a child can pronounce all the words and can recite them beautifully.  But do parents know that their child comprehends what they read?  All too often children are being considered “readers” but they are not retaining what they have read.  This will cause long term issues that will have to be corrected in later years or will result to struggles with reading comprehension.

This is the same reason as to why learning phonics is incredibly important and crucial to learning how to read.  The ability to read is not a natural skill.  It is a learned ability that takes many building blocks in order to achieve this skill.  Phonics is one of the skills that will lead to excellent reading skills.

Itchy’s Alphabet is a phonics program that is strategic and developmentally appropriate.  The cue cards help children not only recognize and remember letters, but to also remember the sound that they will make in a word.  Being able to recognize these letters will help children build necessary skills in order to pronounce and comprehend words,  becoming excellent readers.