As a parent, how can I influence great reading skills?

There are a variety of important skills that a child must learn and develop in order to become an accomplished reader.  Reading is not a natural skill.  It is a skill that has to be taught to us and has to be practiced.

Helping our children become great readers can start when they are just infants.  It is crucial to speak to your children in correct language and grammar.  Although they are just infants, they are picking up everything around them and will eventually begin to imitate what they see and hear.  As a parent it is very important to model good examples of language for your children.

As children turn into toddlers, they will become interested in certain subjects.  Although they cannot read themselves, it is an excellent time to spend time reading to them!  Slowly follow along the words with your finger so children can learn that we read from left to right in the English language. Be sure to use emphasis and excitement in your voice as you read to make the story come to life!

If children see you reading the newspaper, a book or a recipe, they will learn that reading has a valuable purpose.  These are great teachable moments to represent to children the importance of reading and writing.

A parent is a child’s first teacher.  Take the time to prepare them to be excellent readers!