Itchy's Alphabet® Spanish Phonics Products

A unique phonics program, now available in Spanish and French, Itchy's Alphabet® cards and support products provide children with a visual cue to the letter shape as well as an auditory cue for the letter sound. For example, many of the commercially-made alphabet sets use 'moon' or 'monkey' for the 'm' sound.
When children visualize these key words they do not envision the letter 'm'. When children think of our key-word, 'mountains', it immediately reminds them of the formation of the letter 'm' - the one with the mountains.

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Product Lines

Spanish - Itchy's Collection

We offer a complete collection of all Itchy's Alphabet® products as well as a French Version and a Spanish Version which contain the key components of the program.

English and French Collections are also available.

Spanish - Cards

  • Large Cards for the classroom wall
  • Game Cards for fun drill and practice
  • Phonics Sound Cards which cover the long, irregular and r-controlled vowels as well as consonant digraphs
  • Small Cards in the Slant Font only

English and French Cards are also available.

Spanish - Story Books

Itchy's Alphabet® has written 7 story books to go along with the Spanish Teaching Guides.

French Story Books are also available.

Spanish - Teaching Guides

Our teaching guide ties the entire Itchy's Alphabet® product line together.

English and French Teaching Guides are also available.

Spanish - Alphabet Flip Books

A 6" x 6" flip book on an A-Frame stand with a coil top. The pages flip forward to show first the picture cue, followed by a transparency overlay of the letters.

English and French Alphabet Flip Books are also available.

Spanish - Blackline Masters Sets

These pages give added reinforcement as the children color their own copy of the picture cues.

English and French Blackline Masters Sets are also available.

Spanish - Songs

Each letter has a 4-line rhyme to further emphasize the picture cue for those of you who love to sing along with the children!

English and French Songs are also available.

Spanish - Reproducible Readers

These packages contain blackline masters, similar to the illustrations. The booklets review 23 basic sight words in various patterned sentences.

English and French Reproducible Readers are also available.


This set of 25 adorable Itchy erasers makes an ideal holiday gift or end-of-programreward for your students.

Itchy Figurines

Itchy is a colorful, commercially-made plush worm with fuzzy hair, used to reinforce the short i sound. He is about 10" long and is a favorite with the students. (Assorted colors.)