Position in Space and Printing – up/down

We are going to continue discussing some of the position-in-space words that can cause confusion for children when printing. kanken baratas This session we will cover “down”. Albert Pujols Baseball Jersey Typically, children look at up and down in the vertical plane. Solde adidas zx flux When printing, we often want children to form letters from the top down, but if they aren’t sure of “down” on the horizontal plane, they will be confused.

Try this: have 2 students stand side-by-side and point up – their arms will most likely go above their head and point toward the ceiling. air max pas cher If you have them point down, they will point to the floor. sac lancel pas cher With their arms still at their sides, have one student lie down on a piece of chart paper and show the children where that child points when his arm is ‘down’.

It is a completely different position-in-space on the horizontal plane. New Balance Baratas When wanting children to make a line ‘down’ the page, I give them the clue “bring your pencil down to your tummy”. Nike Air Max 2016 Femme This gives them a physical place to move their hand to. nike air max 90 femme You can practice this whenever you hand out a paper with a quick 5 second drill. nike air max 1 “Everyone, put your finger (thumb, baby finger, etc.) at the top of the paper. Adrian Gonzalez Jersey Now, slide it down to your tummy.