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Shelina Rajani-Shankar

MEd. (Special Education), University of British Columbia (2003)

Orton Gillingham Canada - Certification in OG Literacy and Math (2021)

Shelina has taught in the BC Public School System (Richmond for 18 years and Surrey for 2 years) as a K-7 classroom teacher, Learning Assistance Teacher, ELL Teacher, and Integration Support Teacher. Shelina enjoys supporting staff with professional development and has done so on various topics at the schools she has worked for in the last 22 years. She has also taught Special Education courses to teachers in the BEd. program as a Sessional Instructor at UBC.

Shelina pursued an OG Certification for Literacy and Math and has been working privately as an OG Practitioner supporting students with dyslexia, learning disabilities, ADHD, and ASD, for 2 years.

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A 6″ x 6″ flip book on an A-Frame stand with a coil top. The pages flip forward to show first the picture cue, followed by a transparency overlay of the letters to show the connection between the two. One of the best alphabet books on the market today!

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Designed to

Support Struggling Learners

Confirmed to support all learners!  Learning letters and sounds is one of the most abstract and confusing things we expect young children to do. Our picture cues in the shape of the letters provide a visual concrete connection to the sound and the formation simultaneously, significantly enhancing learning.

Systematic & explicit

Our program is based on a logical order of presentation using an easy to follow format that provides consistency for student learning.  Explicit instructions are given for introducing each letter sound and formation along with many follow-up activities.


Itchy’s Alphabet provides a visual cue for each letter, songs to stimulate the auditory channels and  numerous manipulative materials (Hands-On-Vowels, Stickers, Game Cards, Blending Cards, Drill Cards) to provide a kinesthetic connection.


When reviewing the research on embedded picture mnemonics in  his best-selling book, Essentials of Assessing, Preventing, and Overcoming Reading Difficulties, Dr. David Kilpatrick states, “. . .using pictures in which the letter can be logically or meaningfully embedded appears to be more effective than learning letters by themselves or with nonembedded keyword pictures. . . . One set that proved successful in a research study (DiLorenzo et all, 2011) is called Itchy’s Alphabet.”


Teachers and students have fun practicing the letters and sounds with Itchy’s Alphabet!  “We love Itchy” is a common refrain at our display booth at Teacher’s Conventions!  Even my Grade 5 and 6 students loved Itchy!


Phonics Program

Itchy's Alphabet® phonics program evolved through the thirty four years I worked with children who struggle to learn their letter sounds. These children had been taught the sounds and letter formations in the regular classrooms, using various programs, but had not achieved mastery and were referred for Learning Assistance support.

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Gillian, AB

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and info on literacy development. Very insightful and great to hear what I’ve been trying to say for a long time about alphabet sounds versus names.

Quality Teaching Materials

I want to tell you that Itchy had changed my teaching. When you presented the materials at teachers convention here in GP a few years ago it just made SO much sense and it just works. . . . I am very thankful (beyond words) that you developed Itchy. It has been a tremendous blessing to use such quality teaching materials that reach my students so effectively.
Sylvia T

Debbie R

Your products really help young children make the letter/sound connection. I’ve used your alphabet cards, plush vowels, and alphabet booklet with my younger remediation students. Thank you for all your hard work.


"Truly Wonderful"

“I have used Itchy's Alphabet with my Kindergarten class for the first time this year. My students and I love it! Thank you for devising this program. It is truly wonderful.”

Graca H. Fort McMurray, AB

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Introducing our backed

Itchy's Alphabet SMARTBoard App

Teachers can introduce each new alphabet letter cue on the SMARTBoard so children see the picture cue, see the letter overlay connection, hear the letter sound and listen to the Itchy’s Alphabet letter song.

This great new app combines our Alphabet Book and Itchy’s Alphabet Songs into one, easy to use application.

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